Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cheryl Chan's RIDE!!

Ladies and gentleman...(formal a bit today la), today's post will be featuring our TOC Marketing Department's Cheryl Chan's RIDE. Sit back and enjoy!!


Name                      : Cheryl Chan
Age                          : 24
Designation             : Marketing Executive
Status                      : Single and Available
Driving Experience  : 2 years
Current car              : Kia Picanto


Maserati GranTurismo S

Body Color: Bianco Eldorado

Rim: 20" Neptune Nero

Her choice of interior:
Seat, Stering wheel, Dashboard & Carpet Color: Rosso Corallo
Trim Color: Dark Chrome

* Clean & Elegent outside but Red Hot inside....Hmmm.... is this suppose to mean 
   Anyone wanna join her for a ride?  : P

Displacement:  4691 cc
Maximum power output:  323 kW (440 bhp)
Engine speed at maximum power:  7000 rpm
Maximum torque:  490 Nm (50 Kgm)
Engine speed at maximum torque:  4750 rpm

Top speed:295 km/h
0-100 km/h:4.9 s


Based Car 
Auto: RM 1,288,888.00
Manual: RM 1,238,888.00

Where to buy:
Naza Italia Sdn. Bhd.


Like her RIDE? Or would you like to join her for a RIDE?
Check out her next RIDE, Bentley Continental Supersports in the next post!!

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