Tuesday, November 30, 2010

An Inconvenient Truth

Few years back when i was in the bookstore shopping around and i stumbled upon this book named "An Inconvenient Truth" by Al-Gore(45th Vice President of the United States).

This book first caught my attention was definitely not because of the content, its because it got a lot of pictures in it.(I'm the guy who hate books with lots of words by the way.)

i started to read it and this is actually the first book i ever finish reading in a bookstore!!
It shows many interesting facts about global warming and how human has consciously or unconsciously changes the faces of the earth in a big way.

It was very interesting to me as the facts shown is shocking and surprising man!! So just thought of sharing some info i got from the net and share it here.

Some pictures about some facts and prediction about global warming from www.climatecrisis.net,


Also in the book it mentioned that the main cause of global warming is the massive emission of carbon dioxide by human activities.

So any human out there.. if global warming is a concern for you and you wanna do something about it, check out the next blog. Ill post up some tips from www.climatecrisis.net on things you can do now to help stop global warming plus the amount of carbon dioxide you'll save.


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